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Business competencies

R&D competencies

has variety of design experience and core technology competencies which it uses to produce high-quality core xEV electrification components and solutions.
We conduct continuous research into new technologies and development.

  • Efficient xEV
    component development
  • Development of innovative
    new technologies
Efficient xEV component development
Development of high-output, high-efficiency, light, miniaturized electric vehicle drive components
Scalable design for various motor output power
high reliability But low cost
Inverter/converter technology
Optimized heat protection/cooling design and modular technology
Flexibility with integrated or detachable component design to meet client needs
Development of innovative new technologies
Development of high-efficiency inverters using SIC/GaN MOSFET
Development of high-output miniaturized motors using high-occupancy rate hairpin design
Miniaturized packages using axle reducers with double planetary gears
Design for X (Manufacturability, Serviceability)
Use of environmentally friendly materials and components

Creation of product development simulations

Simulation System – Electro Magnetic

Electro-magnetic Simulation tools

  • Rmxprt
  • Flux 2D, 3D
  • Maxwell 2D,3D
  • Speed
  • Simplorer
  • Motorsolve
  • Simcenter-MAGNET
  • Amesim

Simulation System – Mechanical

Mechanical Simulation tools

  • Ansys
  • CFX
  • Nastran
  • Marc
  • Fatigue
  • Carsim
  • TruckSim
  • Ansys- Workbench
  • Fluent
  • Simcenter 3D
  • Kisssoft
  • Star CCM+

Simulation and Analysis System – NVH