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is a global electrification specialist and the Korean industry leader. We are moving beyond Korea to become a world leader in order to create a future of environmentally friendly mobility.

Company status

  • 회사설립
    Company founding

    Completed in
    May 2021

  • 본사 소재지
    Location of headquarters

    1628-6, Saenggok-dong, Gangseo-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea

  • 인원현황
    Current employees

    000 employees in Korea
    (as of May 2021)

  • 사업영역
    Business areas

    Electric vehicle components
    (Power trains / power
    Electronics / actuators, etc.)

  • 거점 현황
    Current locations

    1 domestic location,
    3 overseas locations,
    (United state, Europe, China)