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CEO’s greeting

We provide the best clean, efficient, and economical electrification systems to contribute to the future of humankind.

1. xEV electrification solution partner We will develop specialized products for environmentally friendly vehicles such as drive motors, inverters, and reducers to create unlimited value for our clients. We will work tirelessly to develop innovative technologies and design cost-competitive components to provide to our clients.

2. A leader in the construction of comprehensive smart AI production platforms In the Busan Mieum Future Automotive Component Complex, all stakeholders will cooperate to successfully create a comprehensive digital platform for value chain, production, quality control, supply chain, cost, traceability, etc., in order to create the ultimate future production system and present a new vision.

3. Sustainable management In order to respond to the demands of various stakeholders and allow the company to grow sustainably, we will create a world-class sustainable management system. Through establishing an ESG management system, strengthening our ethical management, and carrying out corporate social responsibility activities, we will create both social and economic value.

As a global electrification component specialist, will do its best to achieve new goals.

CEOs Hyung Geun Cho, Myong Ken Song