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Growing together

aspires to grow together with our partners through use of a digital cluster.

Because of the increasing competitiveness of the global EV market, and our partners are planning a “direct digital cluster” and “pioneering digital cluster industry” in order to secure differentiated global competitiveness

KORENS EM은 미래를 함께 할 수 있는 동반성장을 추구합니다.

Creation of a pioneering digital cluster

has created an electric vehicle component cluster with its partner companies.
Using an integrated system which allows for information sharing in real time through every step of the value chain, including ordering, warehousing, production, and delivery, we aim to grow together with our partners.

We will improve our smart factory capabilities to create an innovative digital ecosystem and strengthen our global competitiveness as a future vehicle component provider by creating and developing a smart partnership system.

strengthen our global competitiveness as a future vehicle

Creating a smart partnership system establishing an innovative
digital production ecosystem
creating and improving a company smart factory

“direct digital cluster” with leading companies above and below in the value chain in physical proximity!

CollaborationLabor, management, civic groups and governmen /
contractors and subcontractors

  • Establishment of a partnership committee and cooperation/concessions through signing of agreements
  • Selection of win-win partners

MaximizationExpected effect

  • Job creation
  • profit sharing
  • digital engagement
  • connected data

RealizationSmart factory, improved quality

  • Resolving limitations on information sharing between companies
  • Creating production synergy by strengthening partnerships
  • Cluster consortium for development/production of products, raw material management,
    distribution management, ordering/sales/service management, energy management, etc.
    Connections between companies and creation of a shared smart system
  • Development of a strategy and schedule and construction support which will allow for smart factory construction by the companies which make up the cluster consortium through phases such as the initial phase, first improvement phase, second improvement phase, and so on

Growing together programs

supports a variety of programs for growing together to help our partner companies strengthen their competitiveness.

4 subcontractor policies

Signing of agreements
with partner companies,
new registrations, and
improvement management

Strengthening based on growth

Establishment of transparent,
healthy relationships
with partner companies and
creation of a culture of mutual respect

Support for competitiveness

Technological support for
partner companies and strengthening of competitiveness regarding protections and quality

Growing together events

Promotion of cooperation and exchange between partner companies